Cocktail Collection


The Cocktail Collection was born from my dislike for those chocolate liqueurs we all tried to eat far too many of as children in the hope fo getting tipsy! The brief is simple, make four chocolate bars that taste of the drink, leave a bit of kick, but also do the chocolate some justice too. 
Espresso Martini – a fiercely dark and bitter ganache, lined with Tia Maria, coffee and a hint of cardamom. All encased in a 34% Cocoa white shell to make it look like the drink.
Kir Royale –  a raspberry and creme de cassis ganache, filled with crystallised pistachios which give an effervescence on the tongue.
Bourbon Old Fashioned – a smokey dark chocolate caramel with orange and Jack Daniels
Amaretto Sour – a lemon-infused cream ganache and Amaretto giving a bitter almond taste, capped off with an almond crust. 

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