The Annalisa Collection


Welcome to The Annalisa Careless Collection. 

Annalisa is The Observers chocolate aficionado and stumbled across my original Classic Collection in 2019. She has a love for all things chocolate, but filled chocolate bars are at her heart. She put it to me to create a collection inspired by her food memories. Six months of ideas and test bars back and forth we got to where we are today. Having tasted a lot of Annalisas other recommendations, I knew no ordinary chocolate would cut the mustard. I knew we had a mutual love for Pump Street Chocolate, so I based all my bars on their magnificent chocolate. All sourced direct from the farms and made in Suffolk. I was nervous as the base chocolate is so good, I needed to do it justice. Hopefully you will all be taken to another place as you immerse yourself in luxury chocolate heaven. Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, Annalisa has very kindly written some tasting notes to match too.
  • Buttered Toast- a toasted cream ganache and butter infused with toast create the centre wrapped in Pump Street Dark Milk 60%
  • Tangerine and Rosemary- combination of floral and acidity encased in the stunning Jamaican Estates 75% Dark Chocolate
  • Coffee and Cardamom- think of a chai latte but based on coffee. Again perfectly matched with Pumps Street Dark Milk
  • Hazelnut Cremino- three first class ingredients encased in my own blended chocolate. A dark white 55%

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