Botanical Collection


The Botanical Collection brings you some of nature’s best ingredients to a chocolate bar.

Dark – a pink peppercorn caramel brings beautiful floral notes to the bar as you bite into it. The slight pepperiness then counteracts with the fruitiness and sweetness of the mango and passion fruit ganache.

Milk – never would you believe you would eat chocolate and beer together. Equal quantities of beer and sugar are used to caramelise the hops leaving a malty finish. This combines wonderfully with the crunchy biscuit emulsion. NOTE: all alcohol has been evaporated off, so they don’t contain alcohol.

CWC – the caramelised white chocolate tastes of butterscotch. This is simply put together with hazelnuts and smoked chilli. The flavour combination of sweet, salty, heat is fascinating.

Ruby – the ruby has the taste of Sakura cherry blossom, paired with a vanilla cream wafer.

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