Careless Classic Collection


The four original classic bars in one box. Dark, Milk, Ruby and White

  • The Dark – Heirloom Ecuadorian Nacional 71% dark chocolate shell, filled with a salted butter caramel, olive oil and balsamic vinegar ganache. The floral and smoky notes of the chocolate gives way to the sweet saltiness of the caramel, the fruity olive oil, followed by a hit of rounded acidity from the balsamic vinegar.
  • The Milk – Single Origin Venezuelan 43.5% cocoa shell, filled with toasted coconut and lime. The caramel, roasted almond and buttery notes of this chocolate is complimented by the unctuousness of toasted coconut, with the lime adding freshness and a hint of acidity.
  • The Ruby – Using a very unique, naturally occurring, ruby cocoa bean. Ruby chocolate taste how it looks. Think sweet, fruity berries. This bar is filled with muscovado caramel, and a rich dark chocolate ganache flavoured with floral notes of rose and lychee.
  • The White – 29% Cocoa butter white chocolate shell, with a unique blueberry, tonka bean and basil filling. Tonka has delicate, pleasing spice and cherry notes. These combine beautifully with the piquant blueberries and sweet aroma of basil.

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