The Truffle Collection


The Truffle Collection is here for those that love their chocolate but find a bar too much. Easier to share too, if you dare.

Coming in three flavour sensations:

  • Buttered Toast-toasted cream ganache, infused butter and a rye crumb shell
  • Pistachio and Matcha-dark chocolate ganache, giving way to a rounded matcha finish
  • Spiced Tangerine and Rosemary- a dark milk ganache, infused with rosemary, tangerine and a secret spice.

The truffles are made entirely of award winning single estate Jamaican Pump Street chocolate. Some of the finest you will find in the UK. Most chocolatiers won’t use expensive chocolate for fillings, but here, it is the star of the show. Lose yourself in the complexity of the chocolate ganache before discovering the accompanying flavours  

Why aren’t they round? All perfectly round truffles are made with pre-manufactured shells. That only come in dark, milk or white. For me, they don’t add any chocolate flavour to the final product, but for me this is crucial. Why make chocolate if you can’t taste it. Hence I’ve made these the hard way, all-loving by hand. Hand-dipped to create the perfect outer shell. 

The Truffle Collection