Black Collection


Welcome to The Black Careless Collection. Brief is simple, make the best four chocolate bars we possibly could. To do this we needed the four best chocolates on the market.  

Valrhona – France’s oldest chocolate producer since 1922. The chocolate has bitterness and toffee notes which pairs perfectly with a smoky muscovado caramel, orange, allspice and thyme.  
Guittard – US based and the oldest chocolate producer. Founded in 1841, Amy Guittard is still heading the company today. Using their Onyx 72% extra bitter chocolate. This is paired with a pink peppercorn caramel for floral notes, and a mango/passion fruit ganache.
Amedei -This Tuscan artisan brand holds claim to be the most exclusive chocolate in the world. It is probably the smoothest, most rounded chocolate we have ever tasted. Sweet tobacco and floral honey. The bar is concluded with a saffron and cardamom caramel, plus a pistachio cremino.
Michel Cluziel – A family business began in 1941 and continues to grow now. The chocolate is certainly in another league in terms of taste profiles. Deep chocolate notes with liquorice. The bar is completed with a toasted cream caramel, banana and malt

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